Fresh Cut Flower Care

Fresh Cut Flower Care

How to care for your blooms.

It's been a few days now since you received your blooms and it's time to give them a refresh.

To get started, 

1. Carefully remove stems from the vase and lay them on a flat surface. Go through each stem and pick out ones that are wilting, going brown, or dying and throw them in the compost. This step is important as bacteria builds up on decaying blooms and will spread to your water and other blooms faster. 
2. Empty the water from the vase or vessel and clean out your vase with soap and warm water thoroughly. Make sure there is no soap residue left in the vessel. 
3. Fill the vessel back up with cold water about halfway up. If you have the floral food packet please sprinkle a teaspoon of the food into the vase and give the water a stir making sure the food is dissolved. This is another important step so that your stems do not get clogged. 
4. Using your snips or a sharp knife cut the stems about 1-2 inches from the bottom making a clean cut either straight across or on a 45-degree angle. If your stems have a build-up of slime, take them to the sink and clean them under the faucet using your fingers until all slime is removed. This will help with removing bacteria from the water. 
5. Place them back in the vase and arrange them to your liking. 

You will repeat this process every two-three days or until the water changes colour. 

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